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Client Advocacy
It's who we are


At Enable, we specialize in client advocacy, actively engaging with individuals who may be unaware of where to seek assistance or unfamiliar with their entitled rights. We take great pride in our ongoing efforts to enhance our services, as our ultimate goal is to offer unwavering support without compromising your quality of life or personal freedom.

Personalised Attention for All Your Personal Needs

Staying well-informed is what keeps us ahead of the rest.


The recent Royal Commission into the aged care industry Investigated current practices occurring in all facets of aged care services. We at Enable strive to break barriers in the care industry by training staff and pushing expectations in the quality of care we provide.

  • Need help with cleaning or laundry?

  • Our staff are available for daily tasks.

  • We endeavor to maintain continuity of same staff, same time.

  • Maintain a well-organized home with our dedicated support.

closeup wound dressing infection the An Elderly patient. a using bandage covering on senio
  • Injuries can happen unexpectedly.

  • We can assist you with wound management plans.

  • Registered nurse visits are available for personalized care.

  • Count on us to help you navigate the challenges of injury and ensure proper care.

  • We provide support to help you meet friends, go shopping, or have lunch outings.

  • Social support is essential for physical and mental well-being.

  • Let us assist you in maintaining an active and fulfilling social life.

  • Enjoy the benefits of staying connected and engaged within your community.

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